HT tilt door – Innovative and unique!

Innovative and unique:
The non-projecting HT tilt door

The two-part non-projecting HT tilt door newly developed by Käuferle is the ideal door solution for all shared and private garages where space is tight. The horizontal splitting (HT) reduces the pivot radius in the interior of the garage in comparison to conventional NA (non-projecting) tilt door designs. This enables the available space to be efficiently and optimally utilised. In addition, unique weight compensation and industrial linear guides guarantees light and quiet door operation.

The patent-registered door type combines the advantages of sectional and tilt door designs. Therefore, the HT tilt door does not project beyond the door level during opening and closing for example, and it is particularly low wearing due to the reduction in moving parts in comparison to the sectional door design. The innovative weight compensation saves space in comparison to torsion spring systems. The intelligent lightweight aluminium design results in both low wear and quiet operation.

One door – many advantages

The fitting consists of vertical and horizontal guide rails, deflection rollers and ball-bearing mounted running rollers. The door leaf produced from aluminium profiles guarantees maximum safety through the integrated finger trap protection. With this design, the door leaf is centrally divided horizontally. This enables individual panelling of the door leaf and reduces the joint arrangement in comparison to sectional door designs. The flush join between the frame and door leaf by design enables straightforward integration of the door system in the façade.

The distance from the key switch to the door is only approx. 2.5 metres. This design delivers decisive advantages, in particular where space is tight in the access area of shared garages.

The HT tilt door has been available since July 2015.