With our decades of experience, Käuferle can always offer just the right door. Even when the most demanding requirements are made for sectional doors or rolling doors in trade and industry.

We can provide doors for industrial halls, fire brigade bases, rescue and emergency service headquarters, logistics centres, farms and workshops of any size.

We have made a name for ourselves throughout Germany as a successful supplier of partition wall systems, tailor-made shelters and overhead or sectional door systems as well as windows and doors made of plastic and aluminium.

Increasingly, our products are used as architectural design elements. It is not just the unique design that plays such a crucial role with its extraordinary value for money, but also our economical high-tech production.

As a family-run company, Käuferle has a history that is rich in tradition.

  • • Käuferle has achieved the “German Design Award 2018“ by presenting the HT tilt door. The HT tilt door is optimal for private garages. It saves space, the design can be changed individually by request and the garages are functional.
  • We invested in a new plastering machine which mills and plasters welds of window frames almost invisibly. Furthermore, work can be controlled faster and easier so that the employees are relieved.
  • By renovating the premises energetically, Käuferle did not only invest in the future of its site in Aichach, but also contributed for an improvement of the working environment. Due to the incoming daylight workstations have become brighter and kinder.
  • In the 60th year of Käuferle’s foundation Sebastian Käuferle, the grandson of the company’s founder became an executive partner. This means that Werner and Sebastian Käuferle are running the company together. Further Käuferle has archived the renowed design price “Iconic Award”.
  • Käuferle is commissioning a high-tech robotic production plant for the manufacturing of the successful Partition System UTS. In a special self-piercing riveting process the fully automated plant adds all the single components together.Käuferle is optimizing its manufacturing process and is reinforcing its market position as a leading manufacturer of “Partition Systems” made of steel and wood.
  • Sebastian Käuferle, the grandson of the company´s founder, runs the sales Management and also become a member of the board Management.
  • Takeover of the “Südstahl” company in Mertingen.
  • Development and market launch of the non-swinging overhead door “Käuferle-NA-perfect”, the ideal door solution for all collective garages, not only for new buildings, but also for the renovation of existing ones. Sebastian Käuferle, the son of company owner Werner Käuferle, joins the company and takes over the management of the most important sales area “Upper Bavaria”.
  • New staff for the “Southwest” and “Central/North” sales areas. Market launch of the Käuferle VARIOBOX – a new and flexible modular construction system for roofing elements and partitions in residential and industrial building.
  • Largest investment volume of previous years:
    Purchase of an adjacent plot of land. Commissioning of one of the most modern plastic window processing centres on the market.
  • Expansion of the product range “Entrance doors made of plastic and aluminium”.
  • Foundation of the subsidiary EMA GmbH in Austria. The product range is extended by the introduction of the wooden partition wall system (UTS-LH). Classification of the plastic window program into 2D, 5K and 5K design, after introducing the size 76 building depth.
  • Commissioning of the 2nd window processing centre for profile systems 2D / 3D / ID. The product range is extended by the introduction of rolling doors.
  • KÄUFERLE receives the RAL – quality mark for windows, production and assembly. A new processing centre for sectional doors is put into operation. Extension of the production area by the purchase of a 4000 m² hall at the Aichach location.
  • Development of a patented safety lock for sectional doors as a market innovation. On-line network of all sales offices.
  • Development of the space-saving patented sectional door CONSERO ®.
  • Now more than 200 windows a day are being produced.
  • Start of production of aluminium windows and doors.
  • Development of the non-swinging overhead door NA. The new on-line-controlled processing centre for plastic windows is put into operation.
  • Completion of building stage 2 with a further 1600 m2 for the production of plastic windows.
  • Move to new building, building stage 1: 1600 m2 for the production of sectional doors and cellar partition walls.
  • The product range is extended by the introduction of sectional doors.
  • An innovative steel partition wall system for utility rooms is very successfully launched on the market.
  • The economic recession forces the company to restructure. Production now concentrates on the manufacture of doors and partition walls and a comprehensive sales network for the Federal Republic of Germany is set up..
  • The production and administration rooms are extended to approx. 6900 m² . The company is awarded the “Staatspreis der Bayerischen Staatsregierung” for extraordinary craftsmanship.
  • The company founder Josef Käuferle dies unexpectedly. His son Werner Käuferle takes over the company.
  • The company moves to a new industrial area. 3300 m² of production area and 600 m² of administration and social rooms are built. The production of supplier products begins.
  • Another 1900 m² of production area is created and soon expanded to 2200 m². A metalworking department is set up.
  • The rapidly expanding company moves from the town centre to the suburban area of Aichach. A new production hall with an area of 350 m² and an office are built. The production of steel doors and gates begins.
  • Josef Käuferle, as a young master craftsman, founds the metalworking company.


Quality is our primary objective! In cooperation with the following selected partners, we offer high-performance products and services:

Schüco International KG
Karolinenstraße 1-15
33609 Bielefeld

Salamander Industrie Produkte GmbH
Jakob-Sigle-Straße 58
86842 Türkheim

Wuppermann Metalltechnik GmbH
Großalmstr. 7
A-4813 Altmünster

Gretsch­-Unitas GmbH
Johann-Maus-Straße 3
71254 Ditzingen

VBH Holding AG
Siemensstraße 38
70825 Korntal-Münchingen


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